exFat with Mac – Linux – Windows

If you are operating on different operating systems, you probably come through the problem of external drives formats. NTFS format are default for majority of external drives. Recent Linux versions don’t have any problem with NTFS which is an Microsoft format, but you can only read NTFS drives on Macs. You can use third party programs or some do some scripting to enable write mode.  ExFat is another option which is a enhanced format of FAT32, with some drawbacks over NTFS. But it is faster and consumes less space for file management information.

Just 3 points should be keep in mind:

  1. Do not format the disk exFat more than 1024K block size. Mac won’t access it.
  2. Update fuse to access exFat from Linux. Default version pop-ups an error when you click on drive.
  3. Smart TVs cannot access exFat formatted usb drives.