What is the Prospect of Google’s Android?

Google launched its framework for mobile devices under the name of Android. We all know Google has a the saint’s touch of revival. But is this the case for mobile sector. Mobile is not the Web, it has a lot of components and many different sectors involved, since then it is hard to achieve a standardization of underlying system resources and their way of service conduct. This lack of standardization weakens hand to develop standard SDK and framework. As we see Google philosophy is “One for all, all for one”, is hard to attain in mobile business.

On the web, all the users have the capacity of publish with or without knowledge of technology. One can easily use components, for example Google’s Map API, with little effort their sites. In my opinion this is not the case for “embedded” device. Mobile devices are still embedded devices, which means they are very dependent on hardware they use. There is time ahead when we have another abstraction level for these devices. Until then Android have little to serve.

When people carry a mobile they seek for customized, comfortable, easy-to-use and fun interaction. That is why iPhone has boosted. Android has alluded developers but nothing to do with mobile owners.

Although the prospect is not in near future, I am going to try Android SDK, after I have finished my occupations. But if you are a developer and willing to invest your time for a knowledge base, wait a little for iPhone SDK.