UMA Phone From Nokia

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are example of unlicensed radio frequencies. You don’t have to pay  if you use these frequencies. Now with your telephone you can access the normal telephone network via unlicensed frequency and make your call. Nokia’s 6301 is enabled with this feature called UMA. With this technology you use Internet for your call, if the connection of the unpaid network is lost, your call directed through normal GSM network.


Here Comes USB 3.0

USB brings our lives connectivity and mobility. Now after USB 2.0, the road is through USB 3.0.

3.0: Die harder, go faster! USB 3.0 will be ten times faster than the current USB 2.0 in transmission rate.  This speed is achieved through optical transfer of data. Do not worry for your loved MP3 players, USB 3.0 will back compatible. It will built with current copper wires and optical media together.

This technology is  will be on-the-shelve on 2009. Actually there is a working example that is showed in the meeting. I can’t keep my self from asking “Why 2009?”.

MP3 may damage your hearing

MP3 players are used nearly all around us, on streets, on public transportation, even kids walking with their parents. The more noise outside, the higher the mp3 player volume. Most of the owners listen to their mp3s over 85 decibels which can make permanent damage on auditory system. Those findings belonged to the Royal Institute of Deft which warns mp3 player manufacturers to make advanced headphones. The organization points that if the headphones have in-ear filters, the listener won’t need high level of volume, to get rid of noise of his/her surrounding. Only 2 of the producers replied to the institution. Until better headphones are made, be careful with your music volume. Don’t think people are annoyed listening to the music same as you are, but if we can hear it, it is harmful to your ears.

Ref: BBC