Debug on IBM Data Studio

Most of the things are straightforward in IBM Data Studio. Two points can be considered which are system related configurations that you should work with your system administrator.

1. Debug Authorization: By default ordinary users do not have the privilege to debug on DB2 system. The error will have the following signature;

SQLCode: -552 SQLState: 42502 User does not have the privilege to perform operation set client debuginfo.

2. WLM Environment: Debug operations are executed on a WLM environment and by default it is WLMENV1 and most probably specific system has different names for WLM environment. System administration will guide you for definition of WLM environment.


One time insert of your system specific WLM environment isn’t suffice for all time debugging and you would reset it every time you start debug. So insert following lines to your stored procedure code for WLM environment definition.


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