Alfabet Planning IT General Review as an Enterprise Architecture Tool

Software Ag has acquired Alfabet recently. Software Ag already had Aris. As a result two competing systems are in one owners portfolio now. Aris Enterprise Architect and Alfabet. Alfabet focussed on portfolio management of the organization. As a result IT originated experts has the tendency to focus on features of portfolio management, which has pointed earlier in the review of Casewise. It is usability and visualization is very high. Dashboard features will enable the high level IT management to control the IT and guide IT for the next steps to go forward. The customer portfolio of Alfabet is very impressive, from finance to logistics, production to transportation. Most impressive of all is Microsoft. A software company that plans its IT through Alfabet. It might be assumed to be an exchange but Alfabet uses Microsoft technologies to run its software. All Enterprise Architecture shows dependencies between objects of the organizational assets, the most visual and frienly one is Alfabet Planning IT, I know of (others were IBM System Architect, Mega, and Casewise).

So Alfabet visualize enterprise architecture related information in a very good way. In addition to that, I think what is more important think is it constitutes a collaboration between all stakeholders and it keeps the underlying repository alive. This can be one of the important reason if you compare ARIS Enterprise Architect and Alfabet Planning IT. 

  1. BPMN can be used. There is no process simulation. Generally 30% of features are available with respect to Business Process Management.
  2. Fully TOGAF compliant.
  3. Customized meta-model can be used. Complex meta-model updates need application rebuild.
  4. Alfabet Integration Framework enables the Planning IT to be connected to any Project Management software, which company already have.
  5. Planning IT uses MS SQL Server and MS Information Server and runs only on Internet Explorer at the time being. But it is said that on March 2014, html 5 version will be used and the system can be used in a wide range of browsers.

The remark for now is Alfabet Planning IT in conjuction with ARIS BPM is one of the best choices for Enterprise Architecture tool.