IBM Data Studio on Linux (Ubuntu 13.10)

Download IBM Data Studio Client 4.1 for Red Hat, Suse from ibm site. IBM ID is needed to download. You can create one and use it for further downloads. I recommend Download Manager which is an Java Applet for download since the installation is 1.4 GB and http download might fail during this long download.

Extract ibm_ds4101_lin.tar.gz.

From terminal, run ./ First install manager will be installed, after that Data Studio installation will start. The script will install the suitable version of the Data Studio for your system. I have 64bit system, I don’t need to define anything for that.

IBM Data Studio is built on Eclipse and eclipse command should be run. System already have eclipse in path word ordinary eclipse installation. Create a launcher for ease of use for IBM Data Studio.

create a file as follows named as ibmds.desktop on /home/username/.local/applications/ directory with content as follows.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=IBM DataStudio

From that directory drag and drop ibmds.desktop to the Applications bar.

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