Software AG – Enterprise Architecture Related Products

Command Central 9.5 said to enable ESB more scalable and more elactic. Command Central is a part of webMethods. It can start/stop and manage services running through webMethods.

Another new feature of webMethods  is mobile support. If you are using mainframe and want to carry your interfaces to mobile screens, this is a good option. webMethods can be integrated to mainframe. 3270 user interface is the client terminal of mainframe. 3270 simple features can be represented in a mobile devices, since 3270 is a simple interface. 3270 interface is carried to mobile interface to enable mobile devices.

Gartner places Software AG as the market leader of Enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance in short EGRC. Other leaders in EGRC category are: EMC(RSA), Thomson Reuters, SAP, MetricStream, Nasdaq OMX(BWise), and IBM. Even though MEGA is the at top of Enterprise Architecture tools, it falls into Visionaries square of the EGRC quadrant. (As of September 2013)

Complex Event Processing (CEP),  has new options to handle big data.

EntireX has new features for monitoring, measuring, and optimizing cross-system applications. 

Ref: TECHiques Issue 4, 2013





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